Stage 1 - First Meeting

Our first meeting will be an informal discussion about your garden and your aspirations. A simple questionnaire and a chat will allow me to get to know you and your garden and understand your vision. I will take you through the design process outlining all the key stages and help you understand what will go into creating your dream garden. We will also discuss your budget. This first consultation is free of charge.

Stage 2 - Survey

The survey is an important starting point in the design process. I will complete a full garden survey taking all the necessary measurements and dimensions. Significant features are noted and photographed for accurate scale drawings to be drawn up. Sometimes a professional surveyor is needed if the garden is very large or multi-levelled. Key features such as shady areas, sunny areas, soil types, existing trees/shrubs and aspect are all taken into account at this stage.

Stage 3 - Initial Sketch Designs

Once we have established your vision and the survey has been completed I will begin sketching initial concepts and researching ideas. These ideas, drawings and mood boards will be discussed at our next meeting, helping us agree to key elements, features and the overall look and feel of your garden.

Stage 4 - Master Plan

The Master Plan is where all the ideas we have agreed come together in a detailed, rendered (coloured) scale drawing, which illustrates exactly how your garden will look. Every aspect of the garden design is included in this drawing.

Stage 5 - Planting Plan and Schedule

The Planting plan is a scale drawing which shows where every plant will be positioned in each border/bed. Choosing the right plants for the right place is extremely important. Considerations such as colour, flowering time, eventual size, texture, form, scent, type of soil and your personal plant preferences are all taken into account. This is accompanied by a Plant Schedule, which provides information including the botanical (Latin) name, type of plant, cost of plants, pot size and the quantities of plants required.

Stage 6 - Landscaping

I’ll be able to recommend preferred contractors to carry out the hard landscaping work, though you may wish to appoint your own or build it yourself at your own pace. Throughout this landscaping stage, I can also oversee and project monitor the build process.

Stage 7 - Planting

This stage is the actual planting of your garden with the carefully chosen and sourced plants. Soil preparation and planting expertise is key here and I can also offer further advice on long-term aftercare of the plants.

Stage 8 - Maintenance

Your garden will grow and develop, changing over time. I can provide a comprehensive garden maintenance schedule including plant aftercare and seasonal advice. I can also put you in touch with recommended gardeners to help with the maintenance.

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